SPOT Business Systems :: Assisted Assembly
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Assembled order accuracy and time can drastically be improved

No more mistakes from the manual assembly process. You can now use our integrated assisted assembly to get more from assembly bays with complete item and order level tracking and verification. You may choose to use SPOT to assemble your orders with all of the following options located in the column to the right.

We offer assembled conveyor support to Metalprogetti, Quicksort, HMC and White assembly configurations.

  • Auto Split orders at assembly using dynamic splitting at x pieces. This features uses first in first out inventory control to keep your assembly bay efficient
  • Easy to read on screen instructions
  • Bay per department or you can mix department in a single bay
  • Print invoices at assembly
  • Print exception lists for items
  • Supports multiple printers if you are using colored invoice paper per store

Assisted Assembly Video

Improve your current manual assembly accuracy and productivity. Scan each item and let Spot assign the item to an order's location and receive visual and audible verification that an order is complete.

Metalprogetti Automated Assembly Video

Automate your orders with a state-of-the art assembly system by Metalprogetti. This allows complete plant automation, storage and distribution.