Be Bold. Be Advanced. Be Digital.

Digital screens in your lobby can help you inform, educate, and communicate with customers in your store. Screens can inform consumers of new services, promotions, and important information. It can also entertain through videos and live sports and news feeds!

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Live feed from your favorite sports and news channels like:

The Guardian
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Tech Crunch
...and more

Want to show tons of services and messages, but printing posters is getting too expensive?

Give each of your services their own dedicated time on your digital screen. Shorter run times for popular services, and longer run times for ones you want to push harder. Best part? All of the screens are branded to your look!

On social media but having a hard time letting your guests know that?

We generate customized QR codes for each social platform so your visitors can simple hover their camera over the code and land on your preferred social account.

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Stay informed with COVID-19 updates and health procedures:

Showcase worldwide cases
Inform your guests of safety tips
Recent news updates
...and more

Running specials and want to let your customers know about them?

Promote your specials for the day, the week, month, or even season directly onto your digital screen. Reduce paper product, while increasing sales.

We don't just stop there! Connect to your Google Drive, showcase live weather and time, preview the stock market, introduce your team behind the counter, and so much more!


Screen Pricing

Our digital screens use Amazon Fire sticks (provided by us) and can connect to any TV or monitor that has an HDMI input.

A one-time set up fee includes the Amazon Firestick, digital screen designs and set up, as well as monthly maintenance and monitoring.

1-9 Screens: $40/Screen

10+ Screens: $30/Screen

* First screen set up including graphic design and hardware $300, each additional screen including hardware $125 + shipping

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